Benedikte Kyvik got her education in jazz vocal at Oslo University, the capital of Norway, and made her stage debut as a sixteen year old. Good stage- and audience experiences and good reviews in the local press was part of giving a fresh start for the talented singer, who opened up a room of sounds and moods on stage.


Benedikte has developed her own musical expression, and gives the songs she sings her own signature. The combination of the genres jazz, folk, soul, pop, is a big passion. Traditional songs in jazz, folksongs, religious folksongs and lullabies are all part of her repertoire on stage.


The melodic line is a red thread in everything she does, which also includes own written material. Audiences in different settings have very well received her song "Heaven". Other composers have also used her lyrics.


Benedikte has long stage- and studio experience, and has cooperated with several excellent and experienced musicians. She also does songs and vocal improvisations a cappella.


She finds great inspiration in the arts, movies, and most of all people and the close relationships in life.


Benedikte Kyvik has written most of the original lyrics on her debut album, which is produced by the French producer Stéphane Détrez, who is also the composer on the album.


She has resently started the new musical project, "A Lady sings the Man".


She also gives the lecture called "De Glemte Barna"/"The Forgotten Children", for now only in Norwegian.


Benedikte Kyvik supports Rainforest Foundation Norway, The Church City Mission in Norway.


Press photo: Ashley Studio